Commercial Masonry Issues Faced by Residents & Their Solution

Commercial Masonry Issues Faced by Residents And Their Solution

Masonry is not something that wears out again and again. If it’s maintained properly, it will remain for a long time. However, protection from natural and seasonal factors is difficult unless you have a masonry expert in Toronto to resolve wear and tear issues. Climatic conditions are the major enemy of your masonry structures and safeguarding the masonry from changing climates is pretty hard. 

But there is nothing to worry about if Commercial Masonry Contractors Toronto is there! They are well renowned for dealing with multiple masonry problems. They have built several commercial buildings in Toronto and provided safe structures to many people.

In this article, you will know about the problems faced by the residents regarding commercial masonry and the ways to deal with them. There are multiple issues related to old structures. These issues, if not rectified on time, can increase to a level beyond repair.  Some of these problems are mortar deterioration, efflorescence, cracks in the brick walls, and spalling. 

Top Most Commercial Masonry Problems

  • Efflorescence

The most common problem faced by commercial masonry is the efflorescence of the masonry. Efflorescence generally occurs when the salt remains in the masonry and water gets evaporated. This is not a good situation for any wall. Due to the presence of salt, white and crusty patches start to develop in the masonry which can endanger the structural stability of the building.

Sometimes, overuse of acid cleaner is also responsible for the efflorescence of the masonry. These spots are no longer smooth vertical surfaces, which means moisture can build up and damage the brick underneath. 

Solution: But, you don’t have to worry, it’s not a permanent issue, it can be treated. The only thing you need to do is to clean the affected area with a stiff brush. You can also use a dilute solution of the muriatic acid to treat residual salts. Through proper use of material, detailing, and construction, you can also prevent your masonry from efflorescence.

  • Cracks in the Brick Walls 

Sometimes, the bulging of the wall is also responsible for the development of cracks in the brick walls. But it’s not solely responsible for this. If the foundation of your building is weak then there is a high chance of the formation of the cracks.  

The development of vertical cracking is also a common problem seen in many masonry buildings. This usually happens due to ineffective vertical expansion joints. These joints are designed to accommodate the expansive movement of the material caused by moisture. In the absence of a proper joint, the masonry starts to shift towards the corner, which results in vertical cracking. To stay safe, you should adopt some measures to protect the masonry structures from cracking

Solution: This issue may prove to be dangerous in the future, so do not ignore it. Contact the Masonry Group and ask for help as soon as possible.

  • Mortar deterioration

Mortar deterioration of any wall is not a good sign for the structure. It’s the substance that is solely responsible for holding the stones and bricks together. Imagine what will happen if the mortar deteriorates. By filling the empty gaps, mortar keeps the pieces attached and makes the masonry successful. It works like glue for masonry work.

Water easily finds space in the masonry and settles down there. At night due to low-temperature water gets frozen inside it. Due to this frozen water masonry materials started expanding. And when this phenomenon begins to occur regularly then this leads to the deterioration of the mortar. To protect the mortar from deterioration, masonry maintenance is important.  

Solution: To avoid mortar deterioration, it’s important to mix the mortar properly during installation. Never use too much lime and sand in the mixture. Hire the best building constructor in your area for constructing your home. 

  • Formation of Mold on The Bricks

Masonry isn’t usually a smooth building material. Because of this, many of the rough surfaces give plenty of room for debris to settle and for living things to grow. Mold and algae pose a special hazard as they can damage brick and cause water damage to the building’s exterior.

Moisture is a huge enemy of your masonry structure. It’s the main reason behind the development of molds on the bricks. If the water doesn’t escape through the walls through evaporation, then the trouble amplifies further. 

Solution: By eliminating moisture, you can get rid of the formation of mold. In this, a good technique and proper construction approach can also help you significantly. Masonry Contractors Toronto handle masonry moisture cases in their construction. You can pressure wash the biomaterials off the brick, or you can use a cleaner, stiff brush. 


To avoid commercial masonry issues, it’s vital to build your home with the most experienced and reliable building constructor in your area. Because homes are built once in a lifetime. So, choose the contractor which can provide you with the safest shelter on earth. Regarding safe and robust structure, no one can help you better than Commercial Masonry Contractors Toronto.

Always stay alert for commercial masonry issues and never let them become a big issue. Doing this will protect you and your family from the likelihood of accidents. Contact us at +1 (416) 500-2228, or you can also write to us using, and we will connect with you.

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