What Are The Major Reasons Behind The Masonry Failure

What Are The Major Reasons Behind The Masonry Failure?

You build a home once in a lifetime and infuse your everything to it. However, it’s a big disappointment when you discover that your building is not robust and minor construction issues render a long term defect. Unfortunately, it is not a good thing for any homeowner. 

Today, masonry is the most demanding construction method but it is highly prone to mistakes, if not done technically. So you need to choose the most reliable and professional masonry contractors in GTA for building your home. Hiring inexperienced and unskilled professionals who don’t have expertise in it can lead to masonry failure.

If you choose the Masonry Group for your masonry work, then there remains no chance of any type of mistakes and masonry failure. There are many reasons behind masonry failure, but you can avoid these mistakes by selecting the right masonry contractor. 

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No matter how mesmerising your masonry structure is; a few minor mistakes at the time of construction can start deteriorating its condition. Let’s see, what are the major reasons behind masonry failure. 

  • Use of The Wrong Mortar Mix

Mortar is an essential substance for the stability of your building. If there is any defect in the mortar, it will affect the whole structure. Most contractors use the wrong mortar mix for adjoining the bricks and other masonry materials. For a robust structure and to avoid masonry failure, it’s vital to use the right mix. 

The right mix is one that is neither too weak nor too strong. If it is too weak then there will be a high possibility of collapsing and if it is too strong then it can damage the structural bricks. Not only using the right mix but masonry maintenance is also mandatory for a long lasting structure.   

  • Extreme Amount of Efflorescence

Efflorescence occurs when minerals inside the water on a mortar come out in the form of a white powder on the surface of the bricks. Too many porous bricks and excess water in the mortar are primarily responsible for efflorescence. Never mix mortar with salt water as it’s also a main cause of efflorescence. These are the tiny mistakes that unskilled contractors usually make. 

Masonry Contractors play a crucial role in building structures that are durable and strong. So choose a contractor that pays attention to details while structuring your dream home. It will save your home from masonry damage and cracks. 

  •  Less Use of Mortar

While laying down the bricks, it’s vital to use the appropriate amount of mortar between the two bricks. Because the mortar is significantly responsible for adjoining the bricks and providing stability to the structure. If not enough mortar is applied between the bricks, it can cause the bricks to shift and settle, resulting in cracks and instability.

  • Lack of Mortar Maintenance

When you lay down the bricks with the help of mortar, the mortar needs proper care for a few days. For enhancing the strength of the mortar this care is important. The better the mortar, the stronger the structure.  

Keep the mortar moist and can’t let it dry out. Keeping it moist means making it more hydrated and hard. Due to proper care of mortar, the chemicals of cement and water correctly react with each other. 

Lack of care is not a good thing for the bond between the two bricks and can make them too weak. Choose the best masonry contractor in GTA and give your home high stability with aesthetics.

  • Improper Surface Preparation

Before starting the construction work or laying down the bricks, it’s crucial to prepare the surface. If you don’t clean the surface properly, dirt and debris can mix with the mortar and weaken the bond. Due to this weak bond cracks may develop in the wall and will make it endanger. 

Before construction work, you should also check the levels of the surface and ensure that the surface is well-leveled. This level check is good for the stability of your building. Also, a careful selection of concrete blocks over traditional bricks is useful for strength and durability.  

  • Use of Wrong Tools

Use specific tools for specific tasks. The reason for masonry failure is the use of the wrong tools for laying down the bricks and stones. For instance, if the appropriate trowel is not available, the mortar may not be evenly distributed.

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  • Improper Cutting of The Bricks

Proper cutting of the bricks also plays an important role in masonry work. Uneven cutting of the bricks restricts the bricks from correctly fitting with each other as a result water easily seeps through the gaps. All these things make the structure weak and endangered. An experienced masonry contractor takes care of every minor residential and commercial masonry issue to erect a structure worth your investment without fail. 

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Besides these, there are also many more causes of the failure of the masonry. While constructing a building or any other structure, it’s vital to avoid such factors for a strong foundation. These mistakes look simple but are devastating for the future.

Hence, to prevent these mistakes, you should hire the best masonry contractor in Toronto who can provide you with the safest and most well-crafted structure. Call Masonry Group at +1 (416) 500-2228 or write to us at info@masonrygroup.com and we’ll connect back with you.

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