5 Types of Masonry Walls And Their Benefits

5 Types of Masonry Walls And Their Benefits

Almost every masonry structure or building that you see around you is supported by masonry walls. Without these walls, it’s almost impossible to build a masonry home or any other large building. Hence, before and even today, these walls have been of great importance.

Masonry walls not only play the role of supporting walls but are also utilized for creating barriers between property lines. For years, these walls have been used for different purposes, such as structural support, boundary walls, retaining walls, noise reduction, decorative features, garden walls, etc.

If you are looking for home construction, then as a Toronto homeowner, it would be better to build your masonry wall or entire structure with the help of the best stone masons in Toronto. Deep dive into this article to learn about the kinds and benefits of masonry walls.

What Is a Masonry Wall?

A masonry wall is a type of wall that is usually created with the help of brick and mortar. However, there are also many other materials that you can use for its construction, such as stone, adobe, tile, ceramic blocks, and glass blocks. Brick is the oldest building material and is used all over the world for construction purposes. Both brick and mortar play a huge role in the formation of walls. 

Masonry walls are extremely durable and persist for a long time. The Great Wall of China is a perfect example of its durability. According to need, people can build any size or shape of wall that best suits their location. Some are short and wide, while others are tall and thin. 

5 Kinds of Masonry Walls

If you are seeking to build a home for your loved ones, then you must know about the various types of masonry walls before starting their construction. By doing so, you can ensure which type is most suitable for your home. 

  • Load-Bearing Masonry Wall

A load-bearing masonry wall is largely used in large buildings, such as tall commercial masonry buildings or large houses. Bricks, stones, or concrete blocks are used for its preparation. To ensure an even distribution of weight and build a secure structure, load-bearing walls move the weight from the building’s foundation. Buildings must have load-bearing walls on both the inside and the outside, and stone masons in Toronto are well familiar with this.

  • Hollow/Cavity Masonry Wall

A hollow or cavity masonry wall is extremely helpful in keeping masonry buildings safe from moisture. This wall is prepared with cement blocks. It creates a hollow space between the outside and inside of masonry walls. One of its major benefits is that it aids in climate control. Today’s masonry walls are the outcomes of the combined hollow and solid masonry units.

  • Composite Masonry Wall

As its name suggests, it’s prepared with the help of two distinctive building materials, such as stones and bricks or hollow and solid bricks. Composite masonry walls cut construction costs while maintaining structural integrity. Together with their low cost, these walls are optically appealing by nature. Composite masonry walls are also of different kinds, such as 

  1. Brick facing with Rubble or Concrete Backing
  2. Stone facing with Brick, Rubble, or concrete Support
  3. Brick Backed Ashlar
  • Post-Tensioned Masonry Wall

A post-tension wall adds axial load to structures, increasing their ability to withstand lateral forces. This method involves the use of high-strength steel tendons that are tensioned after the masonry wall has been constructed.

  • Reinforced Masonry Wall

A reinforced masonry wall is a type of wall construction that combines masonry materials, such as bricks or concrete blocks, with additional reinforcing elements to enhance its strength and stability. This construction method is commonly used in buildings and structures where added structural support is required to withstand various loads and forces. The reinforcing elements used in reinforced masonry walls can include steel bars, metal mesh, or fiber-reinforced polymers.

Benefits of Masonry Walls

In terms of benefits, masonry walls are amazing. One of their biggest advantages is that they are cost-effective. According to some research, buildings up to ten stories tall can save significantly by using reinforced masonry techniques because they eliminate the need for formwork and the associated labor costs. 

Masonry walls are highly durable and need very little maintenance, which means homeowners will have to expend fewer dollars on repairs over the years. Moreover, saving money isn’t the only advantage; with their help, you can also make your home energy efficient. By incorporating a concrete structure, you can keep your interior protected from heat and cold, which means ensuring comfort and cutting the need for additional equipment.

Hiring a Company to Construct Your Masonry Wall

Choosing the right masons isn’t an easy task. Firstly, you have to decide which materials you want for your project and how much is your budget. Selecting an adept mason for your masonry wall construction is also an important aspect to consider. Reliable and experienced masons ensure that your construction will be perfect and will serve you and your family for a long time.

Stone Masons Toronto meets these points and ensures you a durable and aesthetic home in Toronto. They have years of experience in this field. No matter how complex your project is, you will definitely get a safe structure from them. So to build a robust masonry wall or home, call the Masonry Group at +1 (416) 500-2228. For further details, you can also visit our official website.

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