The Complete Guide to Your Toronto Masonry Home Addition

The Complete Guide to Your Toronto Masonry Home Addition

Need more space in your home? Having a large space can offer several benefits. But how could you increase the area of your house? An addition to your existing masonry home by brick contractors Toronto experts is the most brilliant idea for doing so. With home additions, you can adapt the layout of your home to your family’s needs.

Moving into a different home might be costlier and take time. With the significant help of the Toronto masonry company, you can incorporate splendid and valuable space into your home and escape shifting.

However, home additions in Toronto need proper planning. The right actions are necessary to ensure your home addition follows the local building codes. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about conducting home additions in Toronto.

Brick Contractors Toronto Experts Are There For Your Home Addition Needs

When it comes to spacing your residential and commercial space through masonry techniques; it’s the Masonry Group you can hire for such a task. Our experts redesign your layout and add space in a technical way that makes your home look large, grand, and lavish. So, if you’re the one planning for a change in your home to give it a look like never before, the home addition is the solution.

What is the Estimated Cost For a Home Addition in Toronto?

As it’s not a simple renovation, home addition expenses far exceed labor and materials. To complete this project in Toronto, you must work with an architect, inspector, and contractor. Everyone has their own distinct fee, and their charge may vary according to the complexity, type, and size of your project. Other factors may also affect their demand.


Hiring a masonry architect or engineer is the first phase of your home addition project. An expert architect will assist in tailoring the blueprint you need for further permits and completing your project. Plus, it will help you prepare holistic planning for your home addition. Your project’s specifications will determine the exact cost of this service, which, on average, could range from $5000 to $60000.


When your blueprints are ready, you can obtain your building permit and employ inspectors through the Toronto Planning Department. According to the size and scope of your project, you will have to pay fees for your building permit. Moreover, you will have to pay a permit fee of $17.16 per square meter, with a minimum of $198.59 for the addition to your existing residence.

A $2,980.81 Municipal Road Damage Deposit Permit is another expense you will have to pay if you are not eligible for the FASTRACK program. Finally, whenever you need to hire an inspector for your work, you will pay an hourly rate of $30.90 throughout the project.


Now the role of brick contractorsToronto starts when you obtain the permits to carry out the destruction and building phases of your project. Masonry Group is the most reliable and experienced contractor in the journey of home addition. Their charges may range from $200 to $300 per square foot for labor and materials. If your addition needs a full foundation, you may end up with higher expenses.

How to Demonstrate Your Home Addition Complies with Toronto Zoning Bylaws?

Before starting your project in Toronto, it’s necessary to check the local zoning bylaws to verify if your project is allowed or not. These regulations imply which structures you can build and where you can place them. Moreover, they tell us about building height restrictions and the required distance from the street.

You can determine your zoning bylaws by finding your address on the city’s interactive map. Speak with the experts at  Masonry Group if you need assistance figuring out whether your project will comply with your bylaws.

Where to Look for a Qualified Toronto Masonry Company for Your Home Addition?

Once you have the building plans, you can start looking for a reliable contractor to complete the project. You should look for someone who has completed projects comparable to yours in the past and has the portfolio to prove it. Examining each contractor’s prior work will allow you to see how their experience will add value to your project. You can continue with your home addition project by moving forward with reliable contractors in Toronto.

Knowing What to Expect in the Construction Phase

Once your permit is approved, your contractor can trigger building your home addition. Always keep a copy of your permit onsite, as it’s vital for each inspection. In the demolition phase, your existing property is prepared for the addition. After that, there will be numerous inspections in between each stage of the building process, including framing, construction, and finish work.

Whenever your project is ready for the next required inspection, you will have to inform your local inspector. When your project gets closer to each inspection phase, your contractor will notify you so you can set up this service. They will leave the inspection area open to allow the inspector full access to the structural integrity of the structure.

Ready to Get Started?

With the help of this guide, you can easily move forward on the path of your dream home addition. The renowned Toronto Masonry Company, the Masonry Group, offers convenience in the enhancement of the home space by providing affordable service to homeowners. Call us today or mail to get in touch with our consultants and find the qualified contractors you need to build your perfect masonry home addition in Toronto!

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