6 Masonry Tools That Stone Masons in Toronto Use for Construction

6 Masonry Tools That Stone Masons in Toronto Use for Construction

Construction works are not an easy task, they need skills and hands-on experience with different tools. Without knowing much more about the tools, one can’t perform masonry work with proficiency. Various tools are present for doing construction work. Each of them has their own specification. 

The real masons are those who are familiar with all these types of tools and can create beautiful structures with them. Here, you will learn about the various types of construction tools and how they assist masons in tailoring structures. You will also know how stone masons in Toronto utilize these tools in creating captivating and durable masonry buildings.

Different Kinds of Masonry Construction Tools

In construction work, it’s vital to choose the right tool for your work. Selection of the correct tool can enhance the quality of your work and help finish the task on time. Whether you’re a big company or a small contractor, it’s important to have all the masonry tools you need. Here are six 

  1. Hammer

A hammer is an important tool in the field of construction. It’s widely used all over the world at construction sites or any other sites. It has two faces, one is sharp and the other one is flat. Each side has its own specific purpose. The flat side is used like other traditional hammers, for thrashing in nails.

The other face of the hammer is sharp like a chisel. This end is highly effective in cutting lines around stone and bricks. Basically, the hammer is a two-in-one piece of equipment that poses several benefits. In practice, the two sides work together to give you a nice blend of soft and hard impacts. You can even use the sharp end to clean up after you’re done.

  1. Wire Brush

While construction the settling down of the dirt and dust on the ground is common. As mentioned above, you can clear up the large particles with the sharp end of the hammer, but what about the tiny particles? Here the need for the wire brush arises. 

For the removal of rust and oxidations, paint, slag, weld splatter, and other unwanted surface contaminants, a wire brush is an excellent choice. They are extremely helpful in preparing job sites. While working, stone masons in Toronto significantly utilize wire brushes for eliminating crumbs of concrete and rock chips. 

There are different types of stone masonry used for building homes that define structural beauty and integrity. Tools like hammer and wire brush are basic tools that help in starting the masonry work from scratch. A mason contractor should have expertise in handling from basic to advanced tools.   

  1. Power Saw

Masonry cutting works are common at construction sites. For this work, you need a tool that has immense power to cut stone or bricks. One such tool is a power saw. This tool is extremely effective in cutting solid materials and converting them into different shapes. Power saw comes in various types, such as circular saw, ring saw and hole saw. With the help of them, you can easily cut or shape materials like wood, ceramic, and metal. 

  1. Leveling Tools     

In construction, leveling tools are tools used to make sure that surfaces, buildings, and features are leveled in line with a leveling reference point or specific slope. These tools are crucial for achieving accurate and precise measurements, ensuring that buildings and infrastructure are safe and stable. Some common leveling tools used in construction work include:

  • Spirit Level
  • Laser Level
  • Builder’s Level
  • Total station
  • Automatic Level
  • Transit Level
  • Clinometer
  • Water Level

Using these leveling tools, along with the right building methods, can help make sure that buildings are built correctly and safely, and meet all the necessary standards and requirements.

  1. Trowels

The trowel is a signature tool of every mason. Basically, it’s a handheld tool, used for spreading, leveling, and finishing materials like mortar, concrete, plaster, or other similar materials. Trowels come in various shapes and sizes, each prepared for specific purposes. Some of the common types of trowels used in construction work include:

  • Brick Trowel
  • Pointing Trowel
  • Gauging Trowel
  • Margin Trowel
  • Plastering Trowel
  • Finishing Trowel
  • Pool Trowel
  • Notched Trowel

Trowels are a must-have for any masonry construction project. They help you get the job done quickly and neatly.

  1. Tape Measure

While doing construction, you will surely need equipment that can measure distance accurately. The tape measure is specially tailored for fulfilling this need. With the help of a tape measure, you can measure distances, dimensions, and lengths with ease. The tape measure allows construction professionals and workers to accurately measure various aspects of a building or project. 

There are also many more tools that are used by masons during construction. Some of them are jointers, Mortar Pan, Blocking Chisel, and straight edge. To become an expert in masonry work, it’s vital to have a great command of these tools. The Stone Masons in Toronto are well familiar with these tools and properly utilize these tools for creating aesthetically appealing structures. Contact Masonry Group at +1 (416) 500-2228, or you can also write to us using info@masonrygroup.com, and we will connect with you.    

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