How Can You Fix Foundation Cracks of Your Masonry Home

How Can You Fix Foundation Cracks of Your Masonry Home?

Mostly, foundation cracks are found in old masonry homes. As your building ages, cracks start developing in the foundation or other parts of the structure, which results in the weakening of the structure. These cracks impact the stability of the building and, if left untreated, can create grave issues. Hence, fixing the foundation cracks becomes vital in order to ensure structural stability and integrity.

If these cracks aren’t fixed in time, they can create big trouble in the future and may even lead to masonry failure. Moreover, a well-developed crack can also prove expensive to repair. So, if you want to protect your masonry home from hazardous cracks and cut down on expenses, continue reading the article. This article will suggest some ways to fix the foundation crack in your masonry home.

However, the best way to deal with these cracks is by hiring the best and most reliable masonry contractors in Toronto. By hiring them, you can ensure a safe home for your loved ones. Before the repair process, let’s know the reasons behind these cracks. 

Why Do Foundations Crack? 

There are several reasons behind the development of cracks in the foundations, but one of the most significant is an error in their construction. This is the reason why it’s recommended to hire adept and experienced masonry contractors in Toronto for building structures. However, the expansion and contraction of ground soil are also a big reason behind the development of these cracks. 

The development of trees near the foundation and soil erosion are not good for your home’s foundation. The roots of big trees are of a penetrating nature; they can easily penetrate the whole foundation.

How to Repair the Foundation Cracks of Your Masonry Home?

Here are some ways given, following which you can fix your foundation cracks

[1] Examine the Cracks in Your Foundation

The first step toward the treatment of foundation cracks is a proper investigation. It’s a significant process through which you can examine what is causing your foundation to crack. The soil near the foundation settles over time. Water can start to seep into the foundation walls, and the concrete expands and contracts as the temperature changes. The stress of these factors weakens the concrete of the foundation, and once cracks appear, they frequently continue to grow, potentially becoming a major problem if not addressed.

[2] Prepare the Cracks for Repair

To ensure quality repair, preparing the cracks before fixing them becomes essential. If you have ever seen masonry contractors Toronto performing masonry repair, they first prepare the cracked area and then start the fixing process. 

This is the best way to deal with the foundation cracks. For wider cracks, use a screwdriver and stiff wire brush to clear out any loose material, such as broken bits of concrete, dust, and debris. To enlarge the crack and undercut the edges, you can also use a chisel and hammer.


Never forget to wear safety glasses and gloves when using masonry tools such as chisels and hammers. While brushing out dust, always wear a dust mask. Stay protected from concrete and cement; their small particles can easily get into your eyes and create problems.

[3] Fix Hairline Cracks

Usually, vinyl concrete and patching compounds are used to repair hairline cracks. With the suggestion of constructors, you can also apply a concrete bonding adhesive to create the best possible bond between the affected surface and the patching material. Always use a cheap and old paintbrush to pour liquid into the cracks and around their edges. Immediately wash the brush with soap after use.

It will be good to paint the crack’s inner portion with the thinner cement mixture, as it works like a primer. After that, with the help of a putty knife or trowel, pack the paste mixture into the crack and level it with a straight-edged concrete-finishing trowel. At last, leave the patch undisturbed for about an hour.

[4] Fix Bigger Cracks

Larger cracks in the foundation are the most attention-grabbing areas. If they are left untreated, they can create significant issues in the future. Therefore, consider using polyurethane, silicone, or latex concrete caulk to fill up wider cracks. These are considered the best foundation crack repair products. 

You can use a caulking gun to pour caulk into the cracks. This type of caulk is highly effective in filling the whole crack space. It allows the foundation to expand and contract during extreme changes in weather.

[5] Seal the Foundation Walls    

After stuffing the cracks and setting the patches, it’s time to seal the foundation walls. Apply waterproof masonry sealer to your foundation walls. By doing this, you can shield the concrete from water infiltration. But before applying waterproof masonry sealer, make sure to remove the existing paint and coatings. Use a brush to apply the sealer directly to the patch. 


These are the vital ways, following which you can fix the foundation cracks of your masonry home. Apart from them, you should also seek the help of masonry contractors in Toronto for such repairs and ask them for suggestions. Foundation crack repair costs largely depend on the severity of the crack. The deeper or larger the cracks, the higher the cost. Hence, it’s recommended to fix the cracks before they become too grave.

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