Different Types of Stone Masonry Used For Building Home

Different Types of Stone Masonry Used For Building Home

There are many types of Stone Masonry that you can use for building homes and other structures. Stone Masonry is a type of building method that uses stone and mortar for building. This method of construction is used for Floors, Arches, Building foundations, Columns, and Retaining Walls. Natural stones are used for this type of construction.

Stone Masons Toronto is well known for creating buildings using different stone masonry that gives them an excellent look and appeal. Before using the rocks in stone masonry they are properly cut and dressed into different shapes, this is the reason why the resulting stones are robust and long-lasting. Masonry Stones In Toronto

It’s one of the oldest forms of craftsmanship, in which different types of stones are bound together with the help of mortar to form a structure. Iconic buildings like Colosseum in Rome and the Taj Mahal in India are great examples of stone masonry. It’s the result of Due to stone masonry, these buildings are standing still. 

In this article, you will know about different types of stone masonry used for construction and subcategories of the types of stone masonry. 

What Materials Are Used by Stone Masonry Toronto?

  • Stones

Rigid and tough stones are used in stone masonry, which do not have any damages, gaps, or cavities in them. The choice of stone for the job depends on the availability of stone and the advantages of the building. The most common types of stones used for this type of construction are marble, granite, limestone, and many others. They are best used in residential projects as homes built with stone masonry look beautiful.

  • Mortar

Mortar is the binding element used in stone masonry to bind different shapes and sizes of stones. Masonry mortar is basically a mixture of lime and cement combined with water and sand. Things that are kept in mind while selecting mortar are the color of the stone, the strength needed and the loads to be placed on the structure. 

Types of Stone Masonry

Mostly two types of stone masonry are used for constructing buildings. They are: 

  • Rubble Masonry
  • Ashlar Masonry      Masonry Stone Structure In Toronto

#1. Rubble Masonry

In rubble masonry undressed or roughly dressed stones are used. It does not have a constant thickness. Long stones, the quality of mortar used, and a good filling of mortar between joints and stone spaces are responsible for its strength. These rubble masonry are again classified into several categories. They give incredible masonry benefits to your concrete structure. 

a) Coursed Rubble Masonry

In this method, all the stones in a given course will be of the same height, so all the stones will have a distinct size. This type of masonry construction is mainly used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, as well as public buildings and bridges.

b) Uncoursed Rubble Masonry

Uncoursed rubble masonry is among the roughest and cheapest forms of masonry construction. Distinct sizes and shapes of stones are used in it. Stones are directly obtained from the quarry and are used in the way they are obtained. In this type of construction, no attention is paid to the courses. In uncoursed rubble masonry small stones are laid before the larger ones. 

c) Dry Rubble Masonry

The best thing about dry rubble masonry is that it’s done without mortar. The voids are filled with small stones. This type of stone is mainly used for leveling canal slopes or for levelling earthen dams. Masonry Group, through their expertise know which masonry material to use for any specific construction. This makes it the best masonry contractor that plays a crucial role in building concrete structures.  

d) Polygonal Masonry

As its name suggests, polygonal masonry comprises polygonal-shaped stones. To avoid vertical joints, stones are properly arranged. 

e) Flint Masonry

It is used in places where there are lots of flints present. Flints are silica nodules that are typically irregular in shape and while they are relatively hard, they can also be quite fragile. The thickness of the flint varies from 7 to 15 cm and the length ranges from 15 to 30 centimetres.

#2. Ashlar Masonry

It’s a type of stone masonry that is done using properly shaped or dressed stones. In ashlar masonry, the joint has a thickness of 3mm and is assembled in distinct patterns. This type of masonry material is used for both residential and commercial projects.  Stones Masons Toronto, specially the Masonry Group has expertise in using the type of stones with perfect carving in their structures. 

a) Ashlar Fine Masonry

Almost rectangular-shaped stones are used in this masonry. Every stone is carved into a uniform shape. It’s quite expensive but a good option for you. 

b) Ashlar Rough Masonry

There is no big difference between ashlar rough masonry and ashlar fine masonry. The only real difference is that it’s made with finely chiseled stones. It’s got a rough face and is made with a bunch of different tools.

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c) Rock and Quarry Faced

25mm of the strip is used in this masonry, which is created with the help of a chisel placed around every stone. 

d) Ashlar Block in Course Masonry

This type of masonry combines ashlar with rubble masonry. The stones used for this type of masonry may be coarse tooling or hammered dress.

There is also much more stone masonry that you can use during construction. But before choosing a Stone Masonry Toronto, it’s important to have a good idea of different rocks. A good idea of stones will help you to pick the right stone masonry.  Call Masonry Group at +1 (416) 500-2228 or write to us at info@masonrygroup.com and we’ll connect back with you. Our team will connect with you and know your custom masonry home requirements. 

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